Ebay.com Website Review & Ratings + eBay Coupons
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Ebay.com Website Review & Ratings + eBay Coupons

eBay: Products & Services

Have something to sell but don't know where to post it? Go to eBay. Want to purchase a hard-to-find item but don't know where to look? Go to eBay. This multinational online auction and shopping website makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to transact online.

eBay is one of of the favorite places of merchants to sell their goods and one of the favorite places to shop among consumers. Ever wanted to sell that old cellphone of yours so that you could buy a new one? Or have you been searching for a cheap air conditioner that would fit your budget? No problem. You've got eBay.

Here is a list of products that you could sell/buy on ebay:

  1. Antiques and Art
  2. Baby products
  3. Books
  4. Business and Industrial products
  5. Cameras
  6. Cellphones and Accessories
  7. Clothing and Apparel
  8. Coins and Paper Money
  9. Collectibles
  10. Computers and Consumer Electronics
  11. Crafts
  12. Entertainment products
  13. Health and Beauty products
  14. Motoring
  15. Musical Instruments
  16. Pet Supplies
  17. Pottery and Glass
  18. Real Estate
  19. Specialty Services
  20. Sporting Goods
  21. Toys
  22. Travel
  23. Videogames
  24. Others
eBay: Company Background

eBay (originally called AuctionWeb) was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, an Iranian-American computer programmer. It is interesting to note that the first item sold in the website was a broken laser pointer. In September 1998, the entity went public.

From an initial target value of $18, stock prices jumped to $53.50 on the first day of trading. The entity continued its rapid rise in the industry as it started to expand its services to different countries around the world in 2008. Today, the company has over 27,000 employees and billions of dollars in revenues.

eBay: Customer Feedback & Reviews

eBay has received an average rating of 4 out of 5 from epinions but only garnered an average rating 2.78 out of 10 from resellerratings. Snippets of actual customer testimonials are given below:

Positive Feedback

"Yes, EBay has some issues.  But any site that facilitates strangers across the country selling stuff through the mail will.  I have used them for years and will continue to do so." -epinions

"Been used to using eBay for quite a long time, but I was put off by the cost of postage & packing which is charged separately for each package if from various places, it's search is good enough and sometimes the prices are reasonable" -resellerratings

"The shipping was fast, people were fast to reply. Have had very few problems with any ebay stores and when I do 99.9% of people will be more than happy to fix it." -epinions

"I have been both a buyer and a seller on ebay for over 10 years and I have found overall the company is great for unloading items and getting a good deal. Overall, I have had 98% positive experiences on ebay with only two issues in 10 years." -resellerratings

Negative Feedback

"Ebay sellers have sabotaged the experience for me . There is no such thing as "trying to avoid " bad sellers. It is inevitable. It will just depend on how much patience you have before you quit like I did." -resellerratings

"I have won over 500 items from E-Bay. Most of my experiences have been pretty good. but when you come across a fraudulent seller; you are out of luck. E-bay never seems to be for the buyer." -epinions

"great place to buy cheap stuff but can be more friendly in their customer service. feel like communicating to a robots" -resellerratings

eBay: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

eBay is trusted by merchants and customers in the United States and abroad. That is because the company strives to provide excellent service for both buyers and sellers. The tale of eBay is also one of the best success stories of online businesses.

Adding even more credibility to eBay is its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. The business has received a rating of A+ from the BBB, the highest rating that the bureau could give to a business. eBay has received a high rating because it was able to respond and resolve lots of customer complaints filed against the business, has provided sufficient background information, and has been operating for a long period of time.

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eBay: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, eBay ranks as the number 22 (out of millions of websites) most visited website in the world making it one of the elite websites. eBay is the 7th most visited website in the United States where approximately 62% of its visitors come from. For the complete Alexa report, click here.

Additionally, Statmyweb states that eBay has an excellent page rank of 7/10 and an overall SEO score of 85.9%. the estimated value of the website is $692,642,688. The website of eBay gets an average of 50,699,145 pageviews per day. for the complete Statmyweb report, click here.

eBay: Social Media Presence

Complementing its website popularity, eBay also has a strong presence in the social media networks. Its Facebook page has a lot of posts and comments from its clients and has received a total of 3,483,901 likes. Click here to like eBay on Facebook. On Twitter, eBay has 136,009 followers, 4,896 tweets, and is following 1,240 individuals. To follow the company on Twitter, click here.

eBay: Website Security & Safety

eBay is deeply concerned with the safety of its clients. With regards to this, the company has implemented different rules and policies that would ensure the safety of the buyers and sellers.

  1. eBay has a "Feedback" system that lets buyers review the sellers in order to determine if they are trustworthy or not.
  2. Client's accounts are protected by not asking to provide sensitive information through email and by digitally signing every email sent to a member.
  3. Procedural and technical safeguards like encryption (verified by Verisign, Inc.) and firewalls are used by eBay to prevent theft and loss of information or unauthorized access.
  4. Google Safebrowsing does not currently list the website of eBay as suspicious. Click here for the complete diagnostic.
  5. Webutation has given eBay a 100% trust rating. Click here for the complete webutation report.

eBay: Pricing & Packages

Lots of great deals and promos could be found on eBay. Prices would of course depend upon the seller. Take a look at some of the great deals below:

  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18MP Digital SLR Camera costs $569.99 on eBay plus free shipping.(original price: $799.99)
  • A sexy V-neck short sleeve lace dress could be bought for only $9.19
  • New HTC Touch Pro2 Tilt 2 T7373 3MP GPS WIFI Smartphone is being sold for only $90plus Free Shipping!
  • A New 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card with Adapter costs $7.99 only plus Free Shipping! (original price: $39.99)

For more great deals, click here. If you would like an alternative to eBay, try Amazon.com.

eBay: Shipping Rates & Policies

Products sold at eBay could be shipped to countries all around the world. Shipping rates and methods in eBay depend on the seller or merchant. Some merchants provide free shipping while some do not. eBay gives the sellers the freedom to choose the shipping methods and rates that they want. Commonly, up to 3 shipping methods may be available for each item. For more information about the shipping policies of eBay, click here.

eBay: Payment Methods Accepted

Business transactions with eBay are fast, easy and convenient. The business accepts lots of payment methods so buyers and sellers alike have lots of options on how to pay and be paid. Given below are the payment methods accepted by the business.

  1. PayPal - eBay is the owner of PayPal, the number one online payment processor today.
  2. Bill Me Later - this is a subsidiary of PayPal
  3. Debit or Credit cards
  4. Skrill
  5. Paymate
  6. ProPay
  7. Pay Upon Pickup
  8. Escrow

*Checks, money orders and bank wire transfers are not acceptable for most products sold on eBay.

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eBay: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

eBay permits the seller to determine his or her own return policy. With that said, the return policy of eBay would then depend on the seller or merchant. You could have a 5 day return policy, a 90 day return policy, or even 1 year return policy.

Upon selecting an item, the return policy is already shown. This makes it easier for you to choose which products to buy. Some would accept returns for refunds and exchanges and some would not. Choose wisely,

eBay: Product images & screenshots
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Comments (4)

Thank for your informative review. I didn't know that eBay has been operating since 1995.

This is awesome, Lindbergh.

Your reviews are always so very well presented. Bravo, my friend!

Ranked #3 in

Great review kabayan!

eBay Rating Summary
Customer Reviews
eBay Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
eBay 4 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Stotinka5 — 65 months ago
3.0 Star Rating: Satisfactory
“Ebay.com is a better place for buyers, than for micro sellers, but with the provided services stills auction website No.1. ”

Two years ago I decided to be part of maybe the most famous auction website in the world. I made a bank account especially for eBay.com/I'm a foreigner in the country I am living now/, opened a PayPal account and... said to myself - I'm going to be rich! In two weeks I received a confirmation letter by mail from eBay. I put things for sale and... nothing. My items had almost no views. I promoted the products with popular social networks, the prices were on their minimum with free shipping - a... read more

aerial — 66 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Online shopping at E bay.com”

Well, the name of the website is popular world wide and hence no introduction is required for this. I had purchased I phone Car Charger, usb cable and charger.

What I liked -

1. Website is very user friendly.

2.We can easily browse through the products and sort it by classification, brand, price, new, old, etc.

3. Product description.

4. Product image.

5. We can check track record of seller by reading reviews posted by other e... read more

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